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Stump Jumper Packs Trout

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What's in a name? Well, with the StumpJumper you can guess pretty easily. Apart from an outstanding fish enticing action, StumpJumper Lures have incredible anti snagging capabilities. We all know that fish lurk where they can find protection from predators and in places perfect to ambush prey. The unfortunate thing for us anglers is that these locations provide any number of places to hook a snag and lose your favourite trout lure to a tree stump. On a bad or unlucky day, this can get expensive let alone frustrating. Fishing for trout in rivers and streams and fishing the banks of lakes puts us in the snag zone. Indeed, we seek it out. The StumpJumper's unique design combats the ever present likelihood of foul-ups.

The Stump JumperTrout Lure Pack provides you with a selection of 3 lures. Each stump jumper trout lure is ready to connect to your fishing line straight from the packet. The StumpJumper Trout Lure Pack provides flexibility and options. Firstly, you have three colours from which to choose and we all know the importance of colour. Secondly, there are two sizes. all three lures are 55mm in length.