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Cast Nets

Jarvis Walker Cast Nets

LIVE BAIT IS BEST! Jarvis Walker Cast Nets are the best way to catch live bait for your fishing. They're easily portable, easy to use and very effective at catching live mullet, prawns, herring and garfish. The comprehensive Jarvis Walker range is available in mono and nylon. Mono cast nets are easier to keep clean, easy to repair and very competitively priced. Nylon nets are also great value and very durable. Personal preference will decide which is best for you. Both mono and nylon nets are available in six drop sizes each from 6' to 12'. The mono range also includes three heavy-duty models: a 7', 8' and 9'. Mono Top Pocket models in 9', 10, and 12' are also available for prawn specialists. TIP: If you're yet to learn how to use a cast net, ask your local tackle store staff to show you how. Please check the laws in your state regarding the use of cast nets. After use, rinse the net with freshwater and soak in a mild detergent, rinse off excess detergent and then hang the net to dry.


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