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Jarvis Walker Minnow Lure Packs

Original price $8.95 - Original price $16.95
Original price $8.95
$6.95 - $12.95
Current price $6.95

Jarvis Walker Minnow Lure Packs are a bargain pack that include floating minnow designs that mimic the natural movements of baitfish in the water. This floating minnow design is irresistible to many species of fish including, Flathead, Bream, Bass, Tailor and Salmon. Jarvis Walker Minnow Lure Packs offer exceptional value for money and are a must have for all Aussie tackle boxes.

With the incredibly low prices, Aussie anglers are spoilt for choice with several affordable Jarvis Walker Minnow Lure Packs. Each pack offers a size to suit an intended target species. Jarvis Walker Minnow Lure Packs come with lures at 80mm and 110mm lengths with packs of two, five and four.

For best results, cast and retrieve with an erratic action to simulate a tasty bait and use a double loop knot with 8-10lb test line.