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Companion AeroHeat Ducted Tent Heater

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Ideal for warming your tent, camper trailer or walled gazebo, the AeroHeat will take the chill out of the air on those cold winter nights. Fitted with important safety features like an oxygen depletion sensor, over temperature sensor, tilt switch and outlet hose connection switch. Additionally it features Bluetooth operation to allow you to make adjustments without leaving the comfort of your bed.


  • Integrated rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Instant warm air
  • Multi-speed fan
  • Extensive safety features
  • Auto-ignition
  • Built-in gas regulator with BOM connection
  • Can run directly off cartridge or gas cylinder via hose (sold separately)
  • Digital display control panel
  • Bluetooth control via app
  • This heater will not operate in ambient temperatures above 15 Degrees.


  • Includes 12V DC charge lead, 800mm air outlet hose, quick release air outlet hose fitting
  • Dimensions 442L x 164W x 360H
  • Weight 7kg
  • Propane/ULPG
  • Battery run time up to 240 mins

Safety Features:

  • Over temperature sensor: The appliance will not allow the burner to remain in operation once the outlet air temperature reaches 60°C +/-2°C.
  • Outlet Hose Adaptor Microswitch: The outlet hose adaptor & hose must be attached to the heater correctly to activate the safety microswitch.
  • Tilt switch: In the event that the appliance is moved during operation or is being operated on an unstable or non-solid surface the appliance will shut down and must be switched off until a suitable surface is located.
  • 02 Sensor info: The Oxygen depletion sensor is fitted to prevent the use of the product in an indoor environment - the sensor will turn the unit off if it senses a low oxygen level.