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Wildtrak 1000A 12AH HP Lithium Multi Function Jumpstarter in Hard Case

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The S1000A 12800AH Jumpstarter, the ultimate power companion for those on the go. This multi-function marvel fits into your glovebox and is as much of a must have for your vehicle as a spare tyre. You can be ready to jumpstart your 12V car batteries in just 4 simple steps and the 1000A will easily jump a 3L Diesel engine or 5L petrol engine .

But it doesn't stop there - the S1000 is also a mobile charging unit for all your USB devices. With a USB fast charging outlet, you can easily charge your phone or tablet wherever you are. 

And let's not forget about its handy flashlight function, providing illumination in any situation. Packed in a convenient carry case, this truly is a multi-function unit that comes with everything you need. Get powered up with the S1000 Jumpstarter today!