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Combined Fishing Report - 17th May 2024 

Be smart, stay safe, know your limits, enjoy your fishing trip and return home safely.

Autumn and cooler weather has arrived so don’t forget that our ever-popular long sleeve Tournament Tops are ideal for those cooler days. Cover up or use mosquito repellent while you are outdoors. Slip, Slop, Slap and go fishing. ‘Good Riddance’ Mozzie and Sand fly repellent is now in store!

Be careful when fishing, keep an eye on the waves at all times.

Remember life jackets only work if you are wearing them!

Dolphin Sanctuary: You must cease fishing and remove all lines if a Dolphin comes within 50 metres of your boat, kayak or land-based fishing spot. Rec Fish SA.

Metropolitan Full moon 23rd May Good tides then.

Mullet – West Lakes, Torrens Mouth, Semaphore to Largs, Port Gawler,  Port Noarlunga jetty shallows, Onkaparinga Mouth, Seacliff, Maslins, Sellicks, Moana and Aldinga.

Snook – Section Bank weed beds, Outer Harbour breakwater and Silt grounds, St Kilda breakwater end, North West grounds, Glenelg and Brighton jetties, Hallett Cove and Seaford rocks O’Sullivan’s/Brighton jetties, West Lakes, northern edge of the silt grounds.

SquidHallett Cove and Port Noarlunga, North Haven drops, inshore weed beds north of the Black Pole, Semaphore Reef, early morning Port Stanvac – Marino (kayaks), Seacliff and Brighton, Port Noarlunga and Glenelg jetties are the best options. Watch your bag limits. (Personal bag limit is 15)

King George Whiting – Whiting may come in closer to find food. Star wreck off St Kilda - Port Gawler, North West ground,  Bastard Pole, Bower Rd at Semaphore south, North Haven drops, shallows from Brighton to Somerton (Minda Home), The Broadway shallows, Grange Tyre reef, off West Beach and outside the pole at Seacliff in 3-5m of water, Yankalilla to Lady Bay. Try West Lakes or Snowden's Beach also. Check sizes of your catch. 

Blue CrabsSand Crabs – Blue Crab numbers have started to slow down but Sand Crab numbers are increasing. Try Semaphore Grange, Henley, Brighton and Port Noarlunga Jetties at night.  Bastard Pole - Black Pole and Silt grounds. There are some undersized crabs about so make sure you know how to measure your catch and always return females with eggs to the water.

Yellowfin Whiting –Yellowfin love the incoming tides, but numbers are slowing down, try Glenelg, Grange, Tennyson, Semaphore - Largs (mixed in with a few Mullet), Moana, Silver Sands, Maslin Beach and the northern crabbing beaches. Garfish – Garfish, Tommies and Slimy Mackerel. (Hot spot) Port Noarlunga and grounds near the Black pole, Northwest to Semaphore South, Tennyson, Horseshoe and Seaford reefs, Aldinga and most metro jetties. 

Garfish – Garfish, Tommies and Slimy Mackerel. (Hot spot) Port Noarlunga and grounds near the Black pole, Northwest to Semaphore South, Tennyson, Horseshoe and Seaford reefs, Aldinga and most metro jetties. 

Tommies – St Kilda Channel, mixed sizes near the Black Pole, 1-2 km out from Semaphore to Largs, Brighton and Port Noarlunga jetties. 

MullowayWest Lakes (both ends) using live baits, Port River (upper reaches), Barker Inlet and Onkaparinga River. Please ensure any ‘live baits’ used are over the legal size. 

Bream – Onkaparinga River downstream of South Rd Bridge, Port River upper reaches, St Kilda Channel, Birkenhead Bridge, Torrens Island Creeks, West Lakes bridges, Patawalonga and Port Gawler.

Kingfish – Some about the upper reaches of the Port River and Birkenhead.

Salmon – Port Noarlunga Jetty,  West Lakes (to 40cm), St Kilda breakwater (dawn and late afternoon), inside the section bank through to Garden Island, North Haven and Outer Harbour breakwaters, (Be wary of sharks), Pelican Point, O’Sullivan Beach Break wall and Southport Beach and Onkaparinga Estuary.


Fleurieu Peninsula and Yorke Peninsula 

SnapperPartial closure check Fisheries website. Down in the South East, Snapper are about offshore (180m – 120mt), Cape Jaffa, Kingston, Paradise Beach, Piccininni, Beachport and Southend. 

Check for details.

Goolwa Cockles (Pipis) Season is open reports of good size Pipis.

King George Whiting – Port Broughton Shallows, Port Vincent, Mac’s Beach, Edithburgh, Point Turton Banks, Hardwicke Bay, The Pines, Balgowan (in the shallows), Port Victoria, Boiler grounds-Wallaroo, Coopers - Moonta Bay north shallows and Port Hughes.

Mulloway – Murray Mouth and Coorong, Salt Creek, Marion Bay, Daly Head, Gleeson’s Landing, Far West Coast (Dog Fence), Small ones caught at Browns Beach, Piccininni, Paradise Beach, Beachport and Southend (South East).

Yellowfin Whiting – Hardwicke Bay, Between Ardrossan and Black Point, the flats south of Moonta, Tickera shallows south of Wallaroo and Port Broughton. 

Mullet – Murray Mouth, Bluff boat ramp, Morgans and Kings Beaches, Normanville, Sugars Beach, Black Point, Marion Bay, Chinaman’s Hat, Sultana Point, Port Vincent Caravan Park spit, Hardwicke and Berry Bays.

Blue Crabs – On the flats between Port Clinton and Stansbury, Port Vincent, Edithburgh.  

Garfish – Pine Point, Cape Elizabeth, Marion Bay, Point Turton, Hardwick Bay, Edithburgh, Ardrossan, Stansbury, Wool Bay, Port Giles, Copper Coast, Lady Bay, Rapid Bay and Second Valley.

Squid – The Bluff wharf (2kg), Cape Jervis, Rapid Head, Second Valley, Wirrina’s northern breakwater, Black Point, Port Julia, Wool Bay, Marion Bay, Edithburgh, Ardrossan, Pt Turton, Tiparra Light, Coopers - Moonta Bay, Pt Broughton and Point Riley.  

Tommies – The Bluff Ramp, Cape Jervis basin, Rapid Bay (also good for Trevally), Port Elliot, Moonta, Port Hughes, Wallaroo, Port Victoria, Balgowan, Stansbury, Wool Bay, Port Giles, Troubridge Point, Marion Bay, Edithburgh

Salmon – Waitpinga and Morgan’s Beaches, Port Broughton channel, West Cape, Berry Bay, Daly Head and Hillocks Drive, Bird Island and Pt Riley rocks.

Snook – (Hot spot) Port Victoria, Yankalilla - Lady Bay, Wirrina, Antechamber Bay, Point Turton and Copper Coast Jetties at night, Cape Elizabeth and Tiparra Light.

Tommies – Rapid Bay, Edithburgh, Stansbury, Stenhouse Bay and Marion Bay Jetties

Kingfish – Rapid Bay (old jetty). They are hard to hook and hard to land. Also in the same areas (4-12kg) as Tuna off Cape Jervis wind farm.

Trevally – Rapid Bay and Port Noarlunga Jetties

Tuna – Sometimes hard to find Numbers are off Rapid Bay through to Cape Jervis eastern end of Backstairs Passage – Wind farm, Corny Point, Marion and Pondalowie bays. Some Barrels and Bait starting off Port Mac


Fresh water 

Scrub worms, Night Crawler and tiger worms are in stock now.

Pyramid nets are now approved for use in SA waters. for more details. 

Callop (Yellow Belly) Autumn is one of the best times of the year to catch a feed of Callop. Murray River South Para, Warren and Myponga Reservoirs Fish take lures as well so why not try casting near the snags. Deeper water can give you better results.

Check with Reservoirs SA for opening times and size and bag limits. Also National Parks and Crown Land for local access.

Redfin – Happy Valley, Warren and Myponga Reservoirs are holding good size fish in deeper sections of the Reservoirs. Lures and worms have been working in reservoirs for those who are patient. Redfin are great to eat.  Redfin must not be returned to the water.

Carp - An explosion in Carp numbers, due to  the higher water levels during the recent flooding of the Murray River and the backwaters Carp also make good Crab bait, and remember that Carp must not be returned to the water. 

A permit is required and available on-line at “Reservoirs SA.” The permit covers all open locations. 

Fisheries Updates

SnapperPartial closure check Fisheries website.

Check for details.

Goolwa Cockles Pipi: 300 per person, Vehicle limit 900 when 3 or more people are present. Open until 1st June.

Until further notice, taking bivalve shellfish from the Port River is PROHIBITED, due to the Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS). There are also brochures now available about POMS and the Asian Paddle Crab. One found in the Port River. These crabs are quite invasive so if you catch or see one please contact PIRSA fisheries immediately. For more information follow the link below. until the end of September.

The fishing closure has been extended another 12-months and is now in place for waters adjacent to Port Pirie township for Shore, jetty and boat-based fishing.  

Check for details.

Can you tell the difference between Tommies and Salmon Trout? You can check the SA Fishing App or ask a Fishcare Volunteer or Fisheries Compliance Officer or phone 1800 065 522.



If you happen to dunk your reel Please get it cleaned or serviced ASAP. As corrosion sets in quickly.

Use a clear plastic pencil float, put a small amount of tuna oil inside it to act as a berley trail for Garfish and Tommies.

Take some ice along on your fishing trip to keep your catch in top eating condition.

Wipe a cotton bud around the inside of the eyelet to check rods for any cracked eyelets that need attention and when cleaning reels use a damp rag to wipe them over. We also do rod and reel repairs.

Learn how to tie those tricky knots? Ask us while you are in store.

Mix some bread in with your store bought berley to make it “sticky” so it stays in the berley float or berley sinker longer.


Coming Events

Loxton Carp Jackpot Jamboree Saturday June 8th

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