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Combined Fishing Report  21 January 2022 





Be smart, stay safe, know your limits, enjoy your fishing trip and return home. Wear your life jacket! (A special safety warning to all anglers and boaties. Please do not become a statistic!) Check your Flares and other safety gear before you go out.

Supplies of Pipis (Goolwa Cockles) are now available in store but in limited quantities so why not try Squid, Pilchards or Blood worms as an alternative bait for Saltwater Fishing. Please don’t leave your bait orders or rod and reel repairs to the last moment as you may be disappointed.

If you're out in the sun and wind, don’t forget to slip, slop and slap and keep in the shade where possible. 

Always maintain social distancing at all times.

Please dispose of discarded fishing tackle, drink or food containers.   Leave no rubbish behind.

Metropolitan.  Report any captures of Asian Paddle Crab to PIRSA.

Blue Crabs – Early morning tides favour the boaties while mid-afternoon tides are better for rakers. Thompsons, Parham, Pt Gawler, Semaphore, Largs, Henley, Brighton and Port Noarlunga Jetties. Watch out for seals pinching your baits. Black Pole, St Kilda grounds, Goannas, the North Haven and Brighton grounds. 

Yellowfin Whiting – Somerton, Tennyson, Port Gawler, Middle Beach, Thompsons Beach and Port Parham beaches. High morning tides best.

Garfish – West Lakes, Semaphore South, the Broadway, Bower Road, Grange, Henley, and Glenelg tyre reef, Tennyson and most metro jetties including Port Noarlunga Jetty.

Snook - St Kilda Breakwater, Silt Grounds, Barker Inlet Cutting, the Broadway, Brighton Jetty, Marino for the kayakers and Cape Jervis.

Squid – If the water is clear try North Haven drops, Goannas, The Bastard Pole, The Black Pole, Port Stanvac - Marino, Seacliff, Hallett Cove and Brighton, Port Noarlunga and Glenelg jetties are the best options. And north of Cape Jervis to Second Valley - Wirrina drift grounds

King George Whiting – Grange to Largs (1-3km out), north of the Black Pole to Port Gawler, Bower Rd Patches at Semaphore South, and Star Wreck out from St Kilda, Somerton, Hallett Cove, The Broadway, Grange Tyre reef, off West Beach, Minda Home and Wirrina grounds.

Bream – St Kilda Channel, Onkaparinga River, Bower Road causeway, Port River upper reaches, Torrens Island Creeks, Patawalonga and Port Gawler best baits Bloodworms, Prawns and Squid. 

Mulloway – West Lakes, Port River (upper reaches), Barker Inlet, Onkaparinga River and Goolwa Beach. Please ensure any ‘live baits’ used are over the legal size. 

Tommies - Cape Jervis and Port Noarlunga at sunset.

Salmon – O’Sullivan Beach Break wall and Southport Beach, rough conditions suit the Port Noarlunga and Onkaparinga Estuary. St Kilda breakwater (dawn), Upper Port River, Barker Inlet and West Lakes.

Tuna – Wirrina, Rapid bay offshore, heading towards Cape Jervis, KI’s north coast and off Victor Harbor. 


SnapperPartial closure check Fisheries website.

Check for details.

Blue crabs – Wallaroo, Ardrossan, Edithburgh, Port Vincent, Port Broughton, Stansbury Pt Lincoln and Cowell. Please take care and return any undersized crabs, females or those that are not fully developed (light weight) to the water. 

King George Whiting – Port Vincent, Mac’s Beach, Edithburgh, Point Turton, Hardwicke Bay, The Pines, The Banks, Balgowan, Port Victoria, Wallaroo, Port Hughes, Port Broughton, Venus Bay, Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay, Pt Lincoln, Tumby Bay (West Coast), Port MacDonnell Breakwater, Nene Valley and Carpenters Rocks (South East).

Squid – The Bluff wharf (2kg), Cape Jervis, Rapid Bay, Second Valley, Wirrina, Port Julia, Wool Bay, Marion Bay, Edithburgh, Ardrossan, Pt Turton, Pt Broughton, Point Riley, Venus Bay, Streaky Bay, Farm Beach, Pt Lincoln, Pt Neil, Arno Bay, Tumby Bay, Cowell (West Coast) and Pt MacDonnell Jetty (South East).

Garfish – Pt MacDonnell Breakwater, Livingston’s Bay, Cape Douglas, Pelican Point (South East), Venus Bay, Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay, Pt Neil, Arno Bay (West Coast), Pine Point, Cape Elizabeth, Marion Bay, Point Turton, Hardwick Bay, Edithburgh, Ardrossan, Stansbury, Copper Coast, Lady Bay, Rapid Bay and Second Valley.

Kingfish – Point Turton, Port Hughs, Wallaroo

Tommies – Farm Beach, Pt Lincoln, Tumby Bay, Pt Neil, Arno Bay, (West Coast), Pt MacDonnell Jetty (South East)The Bluff Ramp, Cape Jervis basin, Rapid Bay (also good for Trevally), Port Elliot, Moonta, Wallaroo, Stansbury, Marion Bay and Edithburgh. 

Shark – Offshore Port MacDonnell (55-120mt), Coorong, Piccininni, Browns Beach, Canunda National Park, Whale Rocks, Channel Rocks, Oil Rig Square (South East), Granite Island (Seven Gill) and Offshore Coffin Bay (West Coast).

Nannygai – Offshore Coffin Bay.

Bream/Perch – Glenelg River (Casterton to Dartmoor, Sand Flats and around the Rocks) (South East), Wallaroo Marina and Hindmarsh River.

Salmon – Berry Bay, Dust Hole and Hillocks Drive, Bird Island, Pt Riley rocks, Port Broughton channel, Locks Well, Elliston, Sheringa, Farm Beach (West Coast) and Port MacDonnell Jetty (South East).

Salmon Trout – Venus Bay, Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay and Port Lincoln (West Coast).

Yellowfin Whiting – Between Ardrossan and Black Point, south of Wallaroo, Tumby Bay and Cowell (West Coast).

Mulloway – Coorong and Glenelg River (estuary and Taylors straight) (South East) and Far West Coast (Dog Fence).

Snook – Venus Bay, Streaky Bay, Coffin Bay, Tumby Bay and Cowell (West Coast).

Tuna – Offshore Coffin Bay (Sir Isaac’s to 20kg), off the bays from

Port Lincoln to Tumby Bay (to 15kg), Victor Harbor has started to show signs as well.


Lions Club of Kingston Surf Contest 22- 23 January 2022

Fresh water 

Murray Cod - All Cod accidentally caught must be released while still in the water. This includes Reservoirs and all Waters of the state.

Spring flood waters have arrived along the River Murray and have already caused some closures of National Park campsites, it would be wise to check on conditions before leaving home.  On the upside, good yabby catches have been reported. Could also be a good spawning season for native fish.

Pyramid nets are now approved for use in SA waters. for more details. Back in stock now.

Callop (Yellow Belly) – Murray River locations including Blanchetown, Swan Reach, Penong, Walkers Flat, Morgan, Cadell, Berri, Katarapko and Renmark. Scrub worms, Night Crawlers and Tiger worms are available at most Spot On Stores. Fish are taking lures as well so why not try casting near the snags. Try deeper water for better results.

Check with Reservoirs SA for opening times and size and bag limits. Also National Parks and Crown Land for local access.

Redfin – Happy Valley, Warren and Myponga Reservoirs are holding good size fish in deeper sections of the Reservoirs. Lures and worms have been working in reservoirs for those who are patient. Redfin are great to eat.  Redfin must not be returned to the water.

Carp – Torrens River and Lake Bonney and Most Murray River locations. Carp make good Crab bait, and remember that Carp must not be returned to the water. 

Water levels are high in the Warren reservoir, limiting available shore-based fishing spots. Don’t forget that CARP are a great fish to catch, especially for the kids and everyone you take from the system helps out river, lake or impoundment ecology. 

A permit is required and available on-line at Reservoirs SA. The permit covers all seven locations. 


Fisheries Updates

SnapperPartial closure check Fisheries website.

Check for details.

Goolwa Cockles (Pipis) season is open now.

Until further notice, taking bivalve shellfish from the Port River is PROHIBITED, due to the Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS). There are also brochures now available about POMS and the Asian Paddle Crab. One found in the Port River. These crabs are quite invasive so if you catch or see one please contact PIRSA fisheries immediately. For more information follow the link below. until the end of September.

The fishing closure has been extended another 12-months and is now in place for waters adjacent to Port Pirie township for Shore, jetty and boat-based fishing.  

Check for details.

Crab bait – only fish or fish-based products may be used. Try Carp or Whiting heads for Crab bait.

If you have any trouble identifying the difference between Tommies and Salmon Trout you can check the SA Fishing App or ask a Fishcare Volunteer or Fisheries Compliance Officer or phone 1800 065 522.

Review weather reports before going out. Please check your safety equipment before venturing on the water, especially flares and life jackets. Make sure your boat motor is in good working order. Check rods for any repairs that need attention and when cleaning reels use a damp rag to wipe them over.