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20 May 2022





Tasmanian Fishing Report 20/5/2022


Tasmanian Fishing Report 19/5/2022

Great Lake has been fishing well. And worth a trip to check out the IFS Liawenee Open Weekend this Sat and Sun.



The last week has continued to fish well with multiple Sword’s caught. This season is shaping up to be one of the best in many years. With this weekend shaping up to be perfect for targeting them.


With calm nights over the last week the flounder have been in plentiful numbers. The hot spots have been, Pitt Water, the mouth of Iron Creek and Speaks Bay.

Sand Whiting

Good numbers and size fish have been caught off Lower Sandy Bay and the channel. A fantastic table fish well worth targeting.


The bream have gone a little quiet this week, a few being caught between the Tasman Bridge and the Bowen Bridge.


The school Bluefin Tuna have been caught in good numbers. One customer did very well in the mouth of Fortescue Bay, and the South side of Tasman Island. A few larger models have been caught; we hope to see better numbers of barrel tuna soon.

Australian Salmon

There has been the odd fish around the 1kg size off the East Coast, the Derwent and channel have seen the smaller Cocky Salmon.


The odd Snapper have been caught but weather and cooling water has slowed the fishing.


A few cal still caught over the last week; the fresh water has seen the catch rates slow.


Still in good numbers around most bays and estuaries around the south of the state.



Lake King William

With rising levels this has been fishing well. Wet fly and lures have been very productive.

Great Lake

This has continued to fish well over the last week, with trout getting caught close to shore and on fly and lures over the last week. Todds Corner and around Haddens Bay have been a great spot with both healthy Brown and Rainbow Trout caught.

Craigbourne Dam

Good rainbow trout have been caught by both bait and lures fishers the last week. The Dam has filled and the fish have been feeding readily in the flooded margins. Pink Lures have been doing the most damage.

One of several bream caught on fly today by Sam Shelley around Store Point.

And as a bonus he landed a couple of small searunners.

Liawenee Open Weekend

Trout Weekend returns to the IFS Liawenee Field Station for 2022 on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 May.

This year Trout Weekend goes back to its roots as an outdoor event celebrating and focusing on the wild brown trout spawning run.