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Bow Mount Electric Motors

Watersnake offers an extensive range of bow mount electric motors and quality Watersnake accessories suited to Australian conditions and boat owners. Watersnake fresh or salt-water electric motors offer consumers more power and reliability for fewer dollars. Stringently tested and evaluated in Australian conditions, Watersnake motors are constructed from high quality components.

When choosing a battery for your Watersnake electric motor system, we recommend a high quality deep cycle marine battery is used. Deep cycle marine batteries are unlike car batteries, they are designed to be run down to a discharged state and then they are able to be recharged.

Tip: To extend the life of your battery, always recharge after each use. Many issues with electric motor batteries fail due to lack of correct charging.

Approximate length of running time when operating a motor at full power can be determined with a motor's amp draw and the battery amp hour rating. As the speed setting is reduced the motor amp draw is also reduced. There will be variations that will affect how much battery power you will need, such as how fast you’re running the motor, the payload and the conditions, i.e. wind and chop.

You can start browsing the Watersnake electric motor range by bow mount, transom mount, or electric motor accessories and then refine your search further with other options such as the product code and motor thrust. Your electric motor search results will be shown below updating at each step you take.


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