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Tonic Sunglasses Youranium

by Tonic
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Original price $259.00
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Tonic YouRanium Sunglasses are made for a custom comfort fit with an adjustable bridge to tweak as desired. These sturdy yet light-weight frames will cut through glare and increase clarity to ensure that you never miss a moment in the great outdoors.

By creating a lense that incorporates four colours, and coating the inside of the lense with an anti-reflective film, the wearer enjoys true eye protection without losing any colour perception.

All Tonic Sunglasses feature a de-centred lense which allows the wearer to see straight Ahead, up and down and also peripherally, without experiencing any optical distortion. In addition the new glass lenses are a lighter weight and come in a choice of grey (perfect for general usage, will give you an all-round view), photochromic (darkens automatically according to light conditions) copper (making them perfect for low-light areas, in particular to highlight greens and yellows, perfect for polaroiding fish).