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Stump Jumper Packs Native

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The Yellow Belly enjoys a cult like following amidst the freshwater pundits of Australian angling. And why not, they're abundant and provide spectacular freshwater sport from your boat or the bank. Whether you are and expert or just learning the art, J.J's have manufactured the perfect lure for hunting the Aussie freshwater favourite. What's more, the lures are available in packs of three. The StumpJumper Yellow Belly Lure pack was compiled specifically for the Golden Perch hunt. Flexibility in colour, depth and action are built into each lure creation, therefore the pack of three provides you with a full Yellow Belly arsenal in one convenient pack.

The StumpJumper is indeed an innovative lure and the big bonus however is that the StumpJumper has excellent anti snagging qualities. This feature alone can save you a fair amount of coin and some pretty big headaches. Yellow Belly experts insist that catching Yellow Belly demands you fish structure. In deeper water the 'Yella' will congregate around rock clusters. When casting at the banks, we are advised to look for fallen trees and tree branches. This structure provides hang and hunting spots for your target. It is these very structures that can and do foul your lure. The Stump Jumper's innovative design mitigates against this eternal problem and gives you the confidence to cast ever so close to the structures that hold the fish. The Stump Jumper has become hot property and a must for the shelves of your tackle box. Selection is everything and this 3 pack has selection covered, hands down.