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Stump Jumper Packs Cod

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Cannot decide which lure to use when Murray Cod fishing? The StumpJumper cod lure pack is perfect for you then. With a complete small set of lures in different colours, you can easily select one of these. And all of them will prove to be effective in catching the fish that you want!

The StumpJumper lure, originally made from wood, first originated in the year 1986. Especially designed for cod fish, the lure went deep into waters and was buoyant enough to jump over stumps, which gave them their name. Due to their effectiveness, the lures became popular and the demand exceeded at a rapid pace. This was met by switching from wood to a plastic body, without comprising on the quality or performance.

The Stump Jumper lure provides a realistic swimming action in waters, which attracts fish and poses an anti snag capability. Each lure features a subtle pattern and fine finish, which helps you get the attention of all the murray cod that lurk in the water.

The lure's unique design is what makes it possible to catch fish. As long as you use it correctly, you will easily be able to catch cod. Generally, the StumpJumper works best when the angle is 90 degrees, and the tip is brought close to the water surface. The lure is buoyant, which along with the current in the water, prevents snags.

This pack contains 3 lures, which are suitable for depths upto 25 ft. Available in different colours, the size of each lure is size 1.