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Jarvis Walker Stinger Lures

Original price $8.95 - Original price $15.95
Original price $8.95
$5.95 - $10.95
Current price $5.95

It's time to restock the saltwater lure collection with the new release 2016/17 Jarvis Walker Stinger Lure Packs. Jarvis Walker Stinger Lure Packs contain lures designed for a variety of fishing situations and environments.

Jarvis Walker Stinger Lures are pre-rigged and are ready to cast. Jarvis Walker Stinger Lures are very effective for spinning, trolling and jigging. Moreover, these lures withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing and retain super sharp hooks.

Jarvis Walker Stinger Lure Packs come in a multipurpose, clip-sealed lure box. The box is scientifically designed to keep the lures dry and prevent entanglements. They are sure to fit to any kind of fishing bag making it very easy to access if a quick change is required.

Jarvis Walker Stinger lures are very effective on a diverse variety of fish. They are particularly useful on high speed pelagic species and should be cast with a high-speed spin outfit. Their chrome blue scale finish uses reflective paint coating technology. The microscopic particles contained in the paint that reflect and sparkle is irresistible for fish.

With the Jarvis Walker Stinger Lure Packs, anglers will be able to target a variety of fish including mackerel, Australian salmon, tailor, kingfish, and tuna.