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Jarvis Walker Snelled Baitholder Hooks

by Tsunami
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Set up multi-hook paternoster (dropper) rigs the easy way with these handy and chemically sharpened pre-snelled hook rigs. Each pack contains 12 chemically sharpened Baitholder hooks, each with a leader length of monofilament already secured to the hook by a snell knot. All you have to do is attach the opposite looped end to you main line, affixing as many snelled hook set-ups as required, then bait each hook and start fishing. They are available in size 1 to 4. Baitholder is a specialist bait fishing hook pattern with two pronounced slices on the shank to hold your bait in place for perfect presentation. It has a turned-down eye, chemically sharpened point and is ideal for a variety of baits such as fish strips, prawns and worms.