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Jarvis Walker Scented Worm Lures

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If any fishing lure was to be called one of the greatest lure deals in the angling world, Jarvis Walker Scented Worms are pretty close to the best deal available on the market. The next generation of Jarvis Walker Scented Swirl Tail Fishing Lures for 2016/17 are no exception. They are a classic item all anglers can use to nail big fish while saving on the cost of filling a tackle box. Compared to live baits, Jarvis Walker Scented Worms serve as the better option - they're clean, easy to use and they last a lot longer.

Jarvis Walker Scented Worms naturally excite the senses of fish with their attractive colours ranging from a natural to bloodworm hue. These scented worm lures are tested and proven to work very well in any fishing condition. Jarvis Walker Scented Worms are also characterised by an ultra-soft body with surprisingly realistic features. These slender Jarvis Walker Scented Worms will tempt even the most inactive target species onto the hook with their lifelike movements.

Another advantage of Jarvis Walker Scented Worms is the uniquely strong impregnated fish scent - a proven technology over generations of development.

Jarvis Walker Scented Worms are simply a cut above the rest for quality and performance.