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Coleman Mudgee Sleeping Bag

by Coleman
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Original price $89.95 - Original price $94.95
Original price $89.95
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There's a Mudgee for every season, and it will keep you snug while you sleep in cooler conditions.

The contoured design will keep your head on the bag, and the bag off your face so you can sleep peacefully out in the elements. The comfort cuff at the top of the bag allows you to bury your face in your bag in softness, while the Thermolock draft tube will prevent precious warmth escaping through the zipper.

If you struggle to pack stuff away, then the good news is that the Mudgee has roll control to help you keep your bag straight when you're rolling it up. When you're trying to unzip your bag in the middle of the night for a loo break, or if you're too hot the struggle can be all too real when it gets caught in the fabric. Coleman have put a snag-free opening and closing on the Mudgee, so you can get in and out with a hassle.

For a value for money sleeping bag that will keep you comfortable then the Mudgee is just what you need.