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Axis PFD Inflatable Life Vest

by Axis
Original price $99.95 - Original price $99.95
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$99.95 - $99.95
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This comprehensive range of jackets has endeavored to cater to the needs of all Australian boaters today. From use in a small tinny on a river or lake to the largest maxi yacht whilst blue water racing. This range is designed and tested to the Australian standard of AS4758.1 and all products are certified by S.A.I. Global and carry the 5 ticks logo.

In designing and manufacturing this range+P265 we sourced the best materials and components from around the world, inflators from the U.K. and Sweden, buckles from Spain and the U.K. and materials from Taiwan.

We are proud to be the first Australian inflatable manufacturer authorised to install the Hammar HYDRO-Static mechanism. The HAMMAR system is state of the art in automatic inflation systems.

Our cutting edge designs and selection of top class materials ensure that our jackets are made to last and keep you safe at sea.