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Port Lincoln

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West Coast Fishing Report 20 January 2022




Before the south easterlies came back, plenty of people got out for a fish. This week’s image is young Ava with a nice Crayfish that her dad caught while on holidays. 

Here’s what was biting and where. 

West Coast

Reports from Yalata have been pretty quiet, but the Mulloway fishing around the Dog fence has been firing still. Salmon baits in the water at any time of the day have been a chance to catch fish up to 1m. Locks Well, Sheringa, Elliston and most other surf beaches are seeing schools of Salmon to 4Kg most days. The schools don’t hang around long, so be prepared to chase them with lures. Streaky and Venus bays are both fishing well for King George Whiting, Squid, Salmon Trout, Silver Trevally, Garfish and Snook. 

Coffin Bay

King George Whiting inside the bay have been plentiful, but mostly undersized. Better options have been to chase Garfish, Salmon trout, snook and Gummy Sharks. Farm Beach has also been a bit tough to find legal sized whiting. There are plenty of Squid, Garfish, Tommies and Salmon to keep anglers busy though. 

Tuna seem to have finally shown up around the Islands and out from Sir Isaacs. Fish to 20kg were landed over the weekend when conditions were good enough for boats to get out wide. Speed Donkeys trolled fast were the most effective lure. 

Bottom bouncing around the offshore reefs has been very productive over the last few weeks. Lots of big Nannygai, Blue Morwong, Gummy Sharks and deep water Flathead have been landed on baits and jigs. Jigging and live baiting around some of the reefs further out have also produced big numbers of very well conditioned Samsonfish that really test tackle and some Kingfish to around the metre mark. 

Port Lincoln

Tuna continue to show up around the bays between Lincoln and Tumby. Fish to 15Kg have been caught on small lures fitted with big trebles or single hooks. Looking for the Tuna late in the afternoon when they start to feed seems to be the key, but be prepared for them to bust up on a school of baitfish at anytime if you are out in a boat. 

Tuna to 15Kg were also spotted out at Rosalind Shoal, so trolling around out there when the weather calms off may be worth the trip. The Wharf has produced lots of Slimey Macks, a few nice King George Whiting, plenty of Squid as well as the usual Salmon trout, Tommies, Sweep, etc. There have also been Tuna to 15Kg sighted and Kingfish to over 1 metre. The town jetty is still the place to catch a Squid. Early morning or late afternoon with small jigs with warm jackets and rattles has been very effective. 

King George Whiting have been caught to 43cm in Boston Bay on Goolwa cockles. Proper and Porter Bays are also producing plenty of good Whiting to 40cm, Squid, Salmon to 3Kg, and Snook. Garfish seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment. For the bigger Garfish, try Louth and Proper bays. 

There have been a few reports of good Blue Swimmer Crabs being caught in Proper Bay and Boston Bay. Tide movement is critical, so find an area where the water is moving and you should bag a few tasty crabs. There are still a few big Sand Crabs around out near the monument and Donnington, so dropping pots late in the afternoon is still a good option as well. 

Tumby Bay

The jetty and marina have been fishing well for Salmon trout, Tommies, Garfish and a few King George Whiting. Yellowfin Whiting and Tommies have been caught along the foreshore and Ski beach. Out at the Group, King George Whiting to 50cm continue to be caught in both shallow and deeper areas on squid or Cockle baits. There have been schools of tuna to 15Kg sighted out around the group as well, so be prepared with a small diving lure with a big single hook fitted on a rod. There are also lots of big Squid, Snook, Salmon and a few Blue Morwong showing up around the Islands. 

Port Neill/Arno Bay

The jetties have been fishing well for Squid, Garfish, Snook (at night), Tommies and a few King George Whiting early in the morning. Boaties have been doing well on King George Whiting, Squid and Garfish in close, up and down the coast. Goolwa Cockles and Squid have been the best baits. 


Plenty of Blue swimmer crabs have been caught by holiday makers in the area. There are also some nice Squid, Garfish and Yellowfin Whiting inside the harbour and King George Whiting, Squid, Salmon and Snook outside the harbour.