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South East Fishing Report - 16th July 2024

Matt Bell with an Aussie salmon

A good break in the weather over the weekend saw plenty of fishos hitting the water again in search of a few fish. We have seen a good mix of species this week from both the fresh and the salt, so let’s dive straight into this week’s fishing report!

Offshore anglers made the most of the fine weather in the middle of last week, and again on Sunday. Boats were spread from far and wide along the coast and some real mixed bags of fish have hit the deck. A few anglers last week made the journey to the shelf again in search of some of the tasty bottom fish that are on offer out there at the moment, it seemed to be either feast or famine out there and not much in between. Some boats I spoke to drove out there and caught nothing but rubbish fish that we don’t rate on the table, where as others found some excellent blue eye trevalla and pink ling. In a bit closer than the shelf, we have seen some lovely fish coming from the bottom bouncers. The shark at the moment have been excellent, Hayden Sneath and Flynn Thomas boated some very nice fish to 20+ kilograms, and only a short run from home to which is always nice. The jiggers have been getting some cracking fish over the past few weeks, and now that jigging is gaining more and more popularity, we’re seeing more fish come through. Reef fish such as snapper, nannygai, morwong, terakhi and dory have all been fairly reliably caught, along with a few sharks here and there that get tempted by the jig. It’s a good way to cover a bit of ground, find some new bottom and potentially pick up a few different species. Tuna news has been a little bit light on, but I did see some pictures from the weekend of a good patch of school tuna that Tyson from Want To Fish Charters stumbled upon, and his daughters managed to catch a few between them too! The barrel news at Port MacDonnell has been a bit quiet, but to the east and the west of us is still producing fish, so there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see them crack back into gear in the not too distant future.

The South East Amateur Surf Fishing Club held their Canunda salmon comp over the weekend, and it sounds like the fellas has a ripper time. The weather played the game and fishos made the most of the light winds and clean beaches to put a few salmon in the esky. The winner of the weekend was Paul Williamson, who’s best salmon was a cracker at 2.5kg cleaned, closely followed by Adam Van Dooren with one just a touch smaller. The salmon have been spread out this past week, I’m hearing of some nice fish from the Beachport salmon hole, and as usual, it’s been the last hour before the sun sets that’s been the most productive. The size is again up and down, but the average has been pretty solid, probably around that 1kg mark. The Canunda beaches are fishing well for those prepared to make the journey in there,  just remember to stick to the tracks, and those beaches are really soft, so be pretty careful when you’re down that way! Closer to home, salmon are hit and miss in Cape Banks, some anglers have found great numbers in the mornings, then come afternoon they’re gone! It’s just luck of the draw and you never really know until you have a crack. Nene Valley hasn’t kicked into gear just yet, but looking back on the fishing diary from last year, it’s getting pretty close to go time if that’s anything to go by!

The garfishing has been good this week again, we’re seeing consistent catches of good sized fish from most of the usual go-to areas including Livingstons Bay, Cape Douglas, the Petrified Forrest and Racecourse Bay. Waders and boaties have again both shared the success which is excellent to see. There has been some big mullet caught this week by fishos down there who have been targeting the gar, and in some instances they’ve out-performed the gar! Tommies and salmon trout will be in similar areas too, so you never know what may end up on the line.

There has been some nice fish caught in the Glenelg River this week. The bream numbers have remained excellent despite the rapid drop in water level. They’re biting well right though the length of the river, and happy to eat a bait or a lure. Lure of choice lately for the bream fishos has been the natural coloured grubs or fish profiles such as the powerbait nemesis or Zman grubs in 2.5 or 3 inch profiles, since the water is still nice and clean, it makes sense! Bait fishos have done just as well, fishing the rockwalls and snags has been productive with prawns and crabs, and provided there’s a little bit of water movement, the fish don’t mind if its day or night. Mulloway news is still non-existent, though there has been some very promising signs turning up on anglers fish finder screens, so hopefully some of those bigger marks turn out to be fish!

The forecast for the coming weekend looks like we’re in for a bit of wind and swell which might make the going hard for most. Inland or up the river could be the best option I think!

Until next weekend, safe fishing!