Port Lincoln Fishing Report

Port Lincoln Fishing Report  23 January 2019    


Summer has arrived with a vengeance this week. Just like the weather, the fishing is also hotting up. Tasty treats like crabs, whiting, tuna and squid are becoming more active, so get out there and get yourself a feed.

Now for what was biting and where

West Coast

Plenty of big Salmon are on the West Coast beaches. Pick one where the wind will be behind you and start casting to the schools that are out there. The further north you head, the better the Blue Swimmer Crabs are getting too. There are some big crabs in some of the bays, so grab a few nets or a rake and head out. Please remember to only keep what you will eat, as the more that are left to breed, the better they will be next year.

Coffin Bay

King George whiting were caught between Sir Isaacs and the sand hills. Garfish, tommies, and silver trevally were also caught in this area. Nannygai caught out wide with the odd big king George whiting also being snagged.

Offshore lumps and islands saw 10-20kg tuna caught, along with reasonable numbers of kingfish, samsons, nannygai and gummies. Successful lures have been the Samaki Pacemaker, Halco Laser Pros and Zerek Speed Donkeys. The fish are still mostly eating small baitfish, so keep those lures small. About 140mm seems to be the best size. Purples and reds are working well.

Port Lincoln

Salmon have been rather consistent from the main wharf and Brennen’s jetty, with some fish being in excess of 1.5kg. when they were thick, fish were biting on just about anything thrown at them including squid jigs!

At times, salmon schools were cruising around the town jetty also, creating plenty of excitement for anglers fishing in the area. Silver trevally were also mentioned being caught from the town jetty.

Blue swimmer crabs are under pressure with plenty of people chasing them from both land and by boat. Results are mixed, however deep-water pockets still seem to be holding the most numbers. Carp and tommies seem to be the best bait when chasing blueys.

Cabbage patch, Low rocks, Neptune’s, South of Thistle, and Williams islands all had reports of tuna averaging from 10-20kg. Tuna bit best on a range of skirts and divers, with no particular colour scheme being of favour as of yet. The odd Samson fish and kingfish were reported in similar locations.

Port Neill/Arno Bay

A few nice Snapper have been landed on squid baits. King George Whiting and Silver Trevally are also being caught in close. The Port Neill Jetty has seen some garfish, snook and squid landed late in the afternoon on the incoming tides.

Tumby Bay

King George whiting catches seemed to have varied, with some boaties doing well, whilst others struggled. From the group, flowing water between islands seem to be returning the best results.


Still lots of Blue Swimmer Crabs are being reported. Remember to check the size and stick to your bag limits. 

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