Mount Gambier Fishing Report

Craig & Coatsy's Fishing Report 19 July 2018
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Atrocious weather over the last couple of days has really slowed down even the keenest of anglers, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, the weekend should calm down enough to let us have a bit of a crack along the coast.

Offshore news has been very hard to find this week, Jase and Tyson from Port MacDonnell Fishing Charters took their clients to chase big tuna late last week. They were met with baitfish, dolphins, seals and thousands of birds, but the fish just weren’t playing the game. All the tell-tale signs of tuna are still there, we just need some good weather to allow more boats a shot at them. The bottom bouncing (when the weather will allow) has been excellent. Sharks, snapper, nannygai and knifejaw have all been good in that 50mt to 100mt area.

There have been some nice fish caught at Danger and Green Points. Hayden Sneath and Jamie Widdison found a good patch late last week, landing a nice mix of gummy and school shark over 20kg. There seems to be no particular hot spot, just find 10m – 15m of water with a bit of broken bottom, and you’re in with a shot. Tyson Kain and Nathan Tilley found a nice feed of gummy shark from 4kg – 10kg over the weekend around the Cape Douglas area. The boys were initially planning to chase garfish, but things quickly change when the gummy shark turn up!

Speaking of garfish, there have been some excellent catches coming from the Cape Douglas area this week, with some anglers finding their bag limits in an hour or so. The size has remained excellent again, so now is the perfect time to pull on the waders and have a shot. There are still plenty of mullet and salmon trout around the same areas, so done be surprised if you bag a few of those too. Nene Valley has also fished quite well for mullet, and is easily accessible to all, so that’s a great option for land based guys too.

The salmon fishing at Cape Banks has been good again this week, I know of a few blokes landing fish to 68cm, which by my rough calculations should be well over 3kg. They’re very mixed at the moment, one cast could be an undersized fish, and the next could be a 3kg jacky. Lure fishos have outfished the bait guys this week while the weather has been rough, but as things settle, the bait guys will catch up again. The Beachport salmon hole has still been producing some nice 2kg fish in the late afternoons, but the smaller 1kgish fish are there all day. I haven’t heard any news from Canunda this week, but I have no doubt that the salmon would be thick through there.

There have been some very nice bream caught in the river this week, and they appear to be spreading out nicely. The sandflats of the estuary are still producing nice fish for the bait guys on whitebait, prawn and podworm, or grub and minnow style soft plastics for the lure guys. Up river, the bream have been responding well to whitebait, pilchard and cut crab. The mulloway news has been spread out this week, some anglers are finding success up around the Sapling Creek and Wilsons Hall area on a mixture of pilchard and squid baits, while the lure guys have been spread out from the Nelson area, right up to Dry Creek and the Princess Margaret Rose Caves. Trolling lures will work well again now that there is a bit of tannin colour in the water, so keep on the move until you locate them. Live mullet and squid strips have been working well around Nelson, so there are plenty of options at the moment.

This weekend looks like it’s going to calm down enough to let the keen guys back on the water, but the river is a great option for when it’s just a bit too rough on the coast.

Until next week, safe fishing!

Craig & Jamie